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Hi! Thank you for visiting my shop. I'm Carly, the owner and maker here at Handmade At Heart. I am a proud Army wife (my husband rocks) and work-at-home/homeschool mom to my two amazing kiddos. Prior to becoming a mom (world's best job), I worked as a med-surg RN for six years. H@H was born in late summer 2019 when I saw a magnificently beautiful artisan soap and knew I HAD to learn to do it myself. Handcrafted creativity is ingrained in my soul and, after doing extensive research and learning the many benefits of using cold process soap, I forged ahead with learning the craft and never looked back. Each soap has a little piece of my heart in it and I want to share that with you. God has blessed me greatly and I want to pour out those blessings on y'all! From the fabulously fun soaps to the all natural beauties, each batch is thoughtfully made and the ingredients are sourced responsibly. You are worth it and deserve the best! Treat yourself (and your skin) to a luxurious experience you'll never forget.